Who We Are

The AAMIMH is a consortium of diverse provincial organizations - professional associations, not for profit service provider organizations and organizations representing consumers and their families. The AAMIMH does not provide direct service but rather attempts to work with this diverse group to develop a common position on issues around mental health and mental illness. We attempt to work with service providers including government to identify gaps in services and also identify opportunities and promote research.

Issues and Work of the AAMIMH - The AAMIMH Backgrounder

Our Mandate:

  • Work to ensure the mental health system reflects best practices and is responsive to the mental health needs of Albertans.
  • Unify and strengthen the voices of the mental health communities.
  • Advocate for mental health issues to be prominent on health and social policy agendas.

Our Statement of Priorities:

The priority fo the Alberta Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health (AAMIMH) is to advocate for quality mental health service with equitable access, quantity and affordability for all Albertans.

The AAMIMH will seek accountability for effective mental health services across Alberta and will provide counsel to assist in identifying service delivery gaps and opportunities.

  • Quality mental health services will be available and accessible for Albertans.
  • Effective services and programs to promote good mental health will be evident and available throughout Alberta.
  • The voices of those living with mental illness and those with mental health concerns and their families as well as mental health providers/agencies, will clearly be heard by all levels of government.